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The thousands of people who committed suicide due to depression but no one gave a shit about because they weren’t celebrities.

Post like this bother me… not everyone can get mentioned… also I believe that situations like this should be private matters not something that should be displayed on the news all the time. it just so happened that a major celebrity died from sucide and thats why its being touched on… If every suicide was reported on the news that’s all the news would be. as a recovering suicidal I know how serious this don’t think that I’m just trying to overlook the other people who have done this. Still you shouldn’t bash just because you think someone else deserves some spotlight.



Being a random teenager I never knew Robin Williams personally, but through his movies my childhood was influenced time and time again. As Genie he taught me the value of friendship and freedom, as Teddy he taught me about loyalty and honor, as John Keating he taught me to “seize the day” and “make [my] life extraordinary.” I write this post with a lump in my throat. Rest in peace Robin Williams. I hope you’re finally free.

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