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Well HOLY CRAP! 5000+ followers. As promised, to celebrate, here’s the 3rd in My Star Wars series titled “A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW” Inspired by my love of Star Wars and a nagging question of mine. This follows my other prints: For 1000 Year and BFF. I will debuting the print for the first time at the San Diego Comicon at my artist’s alley table then it will be up for sale in my PRINT SHOP. Hope you all enjoy it and I wanna say thank you to all 5000+ followers for continuing to inspire me to go further with my art.


I just love this quote. It’s so easily overlooked, seen as unimportant, until you see the prequels. Because then you realize how utterly true and heartbreaking that phrase is. “He died about the same time your father did.” Meaning that Obi-Wan, that is, everything that made him who he was, his faith, his joy, his light, was murdered, killed, at the same time that Anakin was lost to the Dark Side. When Anakin became Vader, Obi-Wan became Ben. Anakin and Obi-Wan died together on that planet. Only Vader and Ben left it alive. One full of hate and darkness, the other a broken shell that was merely existing, not even really living. These two men were so deeply entwined, so bonded together in the force, that when one died, so did the other. That is the real definition of true love.

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